Through the Eyes of a Farmer

Bryce Crawford, one of our growers, is a fourth generation potato farmer who has spent his entire life in the Klamath Basin. Having grown up experiencing the beauty of our area, he is extremely talented at capturing the moments that make a life in agriculture so photogenic. Even better, he posts his photos on Instagram so we can all see what goes on throughout the year on the farm!

"We're really busy a lot of the growing season," Bryce says, "so you have to really be intentional about taking the time to post pictures. But working from sun up to sun down and beyond, and being right in the fields instead of just driving by... you see things that maybe other people don't see, and it seems like people really enjoy looking at the things we [farmers] see all the time but usually don't take the time to capture in a picture. Plus, it's a fun way to communicate with other growers across the country about what we're up to."

And Bryce posts a lot more than photos of crops, tractors, and fields - he also captures everything from the family heritage of Bryce Crawford Farms... 

... to the fun little things in farm life (often featuring his adorable lab Macy helping out)...

... to beautiful images of the area and nearby surroundings on days off or during the offseason.

To see more of Bryce's awesome photos, follow him on Instagram @bcfarms54! Don't have Instagram? Get the app and create an account at or view his photos online by clicking here.