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Dependable. Reliable. There's a reason russets are so easy to find in grocery stores - their delightfully fluffy and light texture makes them a hit in a number of dishes. Our favorite ways to prepare russets are baking them or making them into homemade french fries! 

We offer both conventional and certified organic Russets. 



These tasty potatoes are wonderfully versatile - you can prepare them in just about any way and they will turn out delicious! When cooked, they have a heavenly buttery and creamy taste that cannot be beat. While Yellows are fantastic in most potato dishes, they make wonderful mashed or scalloped potatoes.

Our Yellows are all certified organic.  



Reds are the models of the potato world - they look good in just about anything! Their skin's natural beauty makes them a colorful (and tasty!) addition to your meal and their vibrance makes them a clear choice when presentation is priority. Reds are perfect for roasting and taste wonderful in a fresh potato salad.

All of our Reds are certified organic.